With David Singleton in Seattle 1 May 2015

​​Herd of Instinct     www.herdofinstinct.wix.com/herdofinstinct

Herd of Instinct’s third album, Manifestation, is a transitional phase for the group. The group has expanded its sound from the original three-member unit to a larger ensemble. The music’s densely layered sound gives the listener a “textural” listening experience with pieces ranging from the bombastic Dybbuk to the somber flute/violin piece Nocturne. Many songs are based around Mark Cook’s Warr guitar and Rick Read’s Chapman Stick combined with Ross Young’s detailed drumming to create a clock-like precision of a layered polyrhythmic machine. Keyboardists Gayle Ellett (from Djam Karet) and Mike McGary play a crucial role in adding mood and texture to the music. Ellett also adds rhythm guitar to a few tracks and a poetic guitar solo on Shatterpoint. Bob Fisher, flute and saxophone, and Stephen Page, violin, are featured soloists who add diversity to the sonic palette of the band. Drummer, Bill Bachman, came on board towards the end of the recording process to add another element of intensity to the mix

With David Cross in London 24 Sep 2015

Exiles, Echoes, Child In Time, House of Nothing, Soon and Sorrow on display.  Only twelve Service Members' art was chosen, wich included art by only one other Army Soldier.

David Singleton, a.k.a. "The Vicar"     www.thevicar.com

The "Shoot the Vicar" campaign by King Crimson associate and producer David Singleton requested art submissions to appear in the booklet for the next album by "The Vicar," an on-going multi-media project.

The contest began March 2015 and One Time was chosen as the first winner.

​​​David Cross Band     www.david-cross.com

Here at last! ‘Sign of the Crow’ - new studio album by the David Cross Band to be released on Noisy Records on 5th August 2016. The album can be pre-ordered from www.david-cross.com (all pre-orders carry a free and immediate previously unreleased DCB download).

David Cross Band are:  David Cross - violin, Jinian Wilde - vocal, Mick Paul - bass, Paul Clark - guitar, Craig Blundell - drums, Alex Hall - keyboards, Richard Palmer-James - lyrics

angel stephens

Warrior Care Month Pentagon Art Expo

The Department of Defense’s annual Warrior Care Month includeds all branches of service and is designed to increase awareness of the resources available to wounded, ill, and injured Service Members.

To showcase the diverse activities Service Members participate in on their road to recovery, the Office of Warrior Care Policy hosted the Reconditioning Expo at the Pentagon on 2o November 2014. The expo displayed art created by wounded, ill, and injured Service Members, demonstrating how art is used as a medium to manage both visible and invisible wounds.

"...mind-blowing cover.  Her artwork for this album is amazing." - Zachary Nathanson Music From the Other Side of the Room

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