‚Äčangel stephens


In June 2006 I was on the night shift at the passenger terminal at Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan.  There were sometimes hours of waiting between planes.  To pass the time, I sought the freedom my creativity could provide.

Music is very important in my life and has served as an outlet and comfort during times of isolation and stress, but I lack the ability to play a musical instrument.  With my art, I can express my love and connection with my favorite music while also expressing my own creativity.  It is my dream to create album covers.

In the Army since age 17, I have been to 37 states, 15 countries and five continents. I have taken photos in all of them. My art consists of my own photos; nothing found on the internet, no stock images. I try to use real photos instead of computer generated images whenever possible.

I have now been producing photo-realistic graphic collages for eight years and have completed over 100 different pieces. As my technical skills increase, so does my ability to express myself. Recently six of my original works were exhibited at the Pentagon as part of the Warrior Care Month Art Expo.

I hope you enjoy what I have to offer.